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Apr 2020

Steps to Turning Your Thoughts Around

I attended an online webinar with coach Stacy Berger (www.staceyberger.ca).  She provided a compelling step-by-step approach to address, even turn around, a distressing situation. I added some additional ideas that may be helpful in working through your issue. I call them steps to turning your thoughts around.  For example:

You might be thinking “With this economic downturn and loss of income, I am afraid I won’t be able to pay my bills next month”.   You can try this method with you own fear or concern.

Here are some thought-provoking questions that will help to discharge the emotional energy that comes from challenging issues and get you on the path to gaining more clarity and feeling more in control.

  1.  Is it happening right now?  –  Today you may be able to make payments so things are okay for the moment.
  2. Do I want it to happen?  – Consider this provocative question and make a conscious choice. The answer would likely be ‘no’ and it is helpful to own it.
  3. Is there anything I could do right now to prevent this?  Perhaps you could contact your bank, landlord, utility company or suppliers and see if there are any alternative arrangements available. Taking action can have us feel we have some say in and control over the matter.
  4. Am I willing to refuse to give my emotional energy to something I don’t want to happen?  – Our emotions arise with our thoughts. What we focus on, we inevitably give energy to and can manifest the situation (even though it is not wanted).   This may take some perseverance to not ‘go there’ with thinking about what you don’t want.
  5. What is wanted instead?   Clearly stating what is wanted can send a ‘signal’ to the ‘universe’ about a desired outcome. Perhaps an affirmation – “I am open to having enough money and more to pay all my expenses during this time and beyond”.
  6. Am I willing to trust?  – If it does happen, I trust that God, Source, Creator or your version of the Divine Intelligence behind all life will handle it (and you can add, ‘with grace and ease’).

Positive and Productive Mindset

A positive and productive mindset does not negate or ignore threats and challenges, however, it does contribute to our capacity to weather difficult situations and not be burdened with fear and inability to take beneficial action. It is possible to turn your thoughts around.

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