Your Built-in System for Success

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Jul 2022

A highly-regarded business consultant who teaches interior designers business practices stated “interior design is the most complicated business in the world”. It certainly can look that way from the outside with all the details, decisions and deadlines that designers contend with day to day. And while this particular individual had never worked as a designer or managed a design business, there are two things that perhaps were not realized.

1.     There is wisdom and logic built into how the human mind works
2.     When you understand this wisdom and logic, you uncover the mind’s infinite possibility for effortless insight, creativity and common-sense solutions.

Behind human thoughts and concerns is a fabulous operating system designed for effectiveness and success in life. Just as a cell phone has an operating system enabling us to do all the things we like to do with it, so does the mind. We don’t think about this phone operating system until something goes wrong, nor do we rarely stop and reflect on how our minds work behind the scenes.

When you have less thinking on your mind (all the details, decisions and deadlines), your background operating system brings you clarity and a flow of thoughts that will be responsive to your needs or situation. You can move from one moment to the next without effort when you are relaxed, and feeling centered and grounded can happen effortlessly. 

This flow state, as it is sometimes referred to, helps designers (and others) who have a lot of moving parts in their businesses. When you forget this innate intelligence exists, you tend to overthink, overanalyze and overwork, which makes interior design look and feel complicated when it does not have to.

Realizing this innate capacity of your built-in design for success enables you to relax more and work with your inner resources instead of worrying and pushing yourself too hard.

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