You Are Perfection, not a Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough
Jan 2024

Metaphors are an interesting and fun way to describe qualities or circumstances in a manner that we can see something for ourselves.  Michael Neill, Genius Catalyst and Three Principles coach, teacher and author describes our true essence using the metaphor of a diamond.

As with a diamond, our true nature is strong, beautiful, sparkling and unchanging.  We are perfection, with facets, tiny markings and variations in colour that render each individual unique.  We see this with babies who are beautiful, fully alive and completely engaged in life.  Over time, however, we, the diamond, begin to get covered over with ‘crud’.  We accumulate ‘stuff’, beliefs and judgements about ourselves, others and life. 

We don’t want anyone to see our ‘crud’ so we cover it over with a coating of nail lacquer – essentially a persona that we present to the world – the ‘smart one’, the ‘energetic one’, the ‘sassy one’, the ‘moody one’, etc.  We continue to work on perfecting our ‘coating’ to ensure we are presenting the best version of ourselves.

When we want a nicer experience of life, ourselves and other people, we might try to work on our personality by applying more layers of nail polish.  You read self-help books, attend personal growth workshops or do a literal makeover of your hair, makeup and wardrobe.  Unfortunately, these approaches do not get you any closer to your inner essence.  It covers it up with what you believe is a prettier or more acceptable cover.

Or you might try to ‘fix the crud’ by digging into the past, trying to resolve the stuff you accumulated when you were young, or in a difficult job or relationship.  You want to be free of your baggage, but when you start looking in that direction, did you notice there always seems to be more?

What really works is getting more and more a feel for the diamond and recognizing when you are in touch with that deeper part of you and when you are not.  Can you recognize when you are awake to your deeper essence that is innately calm, wise, kind, grounded, patient, creative, resilient, resourceful and radiant?

The ‘crud’ is made of thought.  It’s not real or permanent, and has no ‘substance’.  It slides off when you drop your insecure thinking. The diamond within represents the truth of you – your timeless, brilliant essence that never wanes.  It is always shining, even when you have innocently covered it up for fear of exposing what you have mistakenly come to believe is the ‘real you’. 


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