Group Coaching


What could you achieve
if you had more direction and support?


Marlene Cameron Connected for Success group business coaching in Calgary

is a combination of mentoring, coaching, accountability and group support. You’ll love it and will experience real results in your business, AND … anyone who joins before Wednesday, September 11th also receives an extra bonus call with me.

 Are you an advisor, professional or consultant who:

  • Is feeling stuck, even struggling a bit to make consistent income or profit in your business?
  • Wants to build your business and share your gifts and superpowers?
  • Wants to serve more people while creating awe-inspiring impact and income?
This 6-month small group coaching and implementation program is designed to help move you past self-doubt and second guessing. The energy, support, and insight that comes with a combination of group and individual coaching is powerful and transformational.

Get the energy, support and insight you need to move the needle on your goals.

We start on September 18th, 2019 and the group is limited to 8 people

Program Elements

These six elements are critical for achieving the clarity and confidence you need to realize your big goals.

  1. VISION– get clear about where you want for your business/career so that you can create the influence, impact and income you want
  2. STRATEGY–  take the vision you crafted and turn it into a strategy so that you absolutely know what to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  3. MINDSET– uncover and clear the psychological barriers in your way of realizing your vision and being simply unshakeable
  4. MARKETSET– how to position yourself and your business in the marketplace – what are your superpowers?
  5. ENERGY– learn to build your energy and vitality by releasing what drains you and embracing more of what energizes you
  6. SKILLSET– adopt the skills, practices and success habits you need to continue bring your vision to reality with greater ease and grace.
Connected Success group coaching lead by Marlene Cameron, Calgary

What You Get

  • Six two-hour group coaching meetings delivered online and recorded so that you can view the discussions again in your individual private monthly session.
  • Six private monthly coaching sessions – either online or in person
  • Course content including self-assessments, handouts and templates
  • Accountability partner to support you in moving past procrastination
  • Unlimited texts and emails
  • One group online teleconference call AND one private one-to-one online call plus lots of support.

We start on September 18th, 2019

Group meetings are scheduled for Wednesdays from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Recordings will be available for review or if you miss the class.

September 18, October 16, November 20, December 11, January 15, February 12

Interested in joining us?

Call me at 403 209-2142 or
email or
simply register below

To Your Freedom and Success,


P.S. I have been wanting to do this FOREVER! Since this is a pilot and the first time I’m offering it, the price point is CRAZY low and you can pay in instalments.


Investment in You

PAY IN FULL – $1500 + GST 

or PAY IN INSTALMENTS – six monthly payments of $300 + GST

Payment Options

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