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 Take a Deeper Dive

If you are serious about wanting to break through what is in your way and willing to do a deeper dive to uncover the hidden beliefs and buried feelings that are keeping you stuck and wondering “what’s wrong?”, I would love to work with you.

It takes a certain amount of courage to be willing to be vulnerable, admit you don’t have the answers and seek assistance. Know that you will be guided and supported with skill, curiosity and compassion. I believe that we are always doing our best with what we know at the time even if we have created unintended consequences.

I incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique among other energy psychology tools with award-winning coaching as a way to dramatically speed up the process of getting you to a better place – be it with your career, finances, relationship or health.

People, events and circumstances can trigger unresolved emotional experiences, limiting beliefs and flawed assumptions and have you feelings upset, hurt, angry, frustrated or sad.  Just talking about situations and how you feel often does not resolve the distress associated with your challenge and you continue to stay stuck.  Conventional talk therapy and coaching may not be enough to unravel the deeper feelings that begin to take over your perceptions, moods and reactions.   EFT works to dissolve emotional distress and restore calm and confidence quickly, without the need to talk incessantly about something that is holding you back.



Marlene not only does the EFT work, she is so intuitive that in only a few sessions I was at the root of the problem and in the last year and a half, my life has completely changed.

Not only professionally have I lived beyond my dreams, but also personally.

Tammy Sherger

President, The Meeting Revolution

EFT Tapping Success

If you are familiar with EFT tapping and have tried it on your own with unsatisfactory results, consider working with me. I am well-regarded as a particularly gifted and intuitive EFT practitioner and teacher. I am recognized internationally as a presenter at energy psychology conferences in Canada and the U.S. and was personally invited to join AAMET International as a Master EFT Trainer.

Using EFT tapping for over 10 years. I have helped 100’s of clients and students achieve positive, dramatic and live-changing results.

Spending the day with Marlene was productive, fun, enlightening, mind expanding, thought provoking, helpful, and convenient.

This experience reminded me of the value of new ideas and approaches as well as adding to my tool kit. It challenged my beliefs and biases. It gave me hope for healing a problem doctors have told me is incurable.

– Lee K.

How does it work?

Tune into a specific issue that you feel is holding you back. Uncover and clear inner obstacles so that you can move forward with greater knowing in your capacity to have the success, relationships and health you want and deserve.

Six one-hour sessions to be completed within two months

CONTACT US to request a Personal Coaching Inquiry Form

$1500 + GST

Use this more intensive approach to get to the bottom of an issue or challenge, so that you can move it out of the way and get back out into the world and have better results right away.

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$695+ GST

Client Success

Resolved ...

I was able to resolve more in just a few EFT sessions than I did in years of therapy.

– Barbara Rhodes

Quick Change ...

I can’t believe something that I have done for 40 years – not a couple – but 40 years – had such a quick change to it.  I went to counselling and did behavioural therapy etc. for years and nothing changed to this degree.
– Tanya Sinnett

Confident business owner ...

Incorporating EFT with my business/leadership coaching enabled me to see and feel beyond the emotional obstacles in my way. I feel so much more confident as a business owner and with dealing with challenging issues with my staff.

– Jennifer Norfolk

Stress and worry gone...

A lot of the stuff that might have been having me losing sleep is simply gone. The amount of stress that I used to have – the number of items that were a “10” are at a 3 or 4 now or are simply gone – the amount of stress is like that, worry about money is like that.

– Steven Spence

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