Why Use a Certified EFT Practitioner?


3 Reasons to Work with a Certified EFT Practitioner

While Emotional Freedom Techniques or “Tapping” appears deceptively simple and it’s not difficult to learn the tapping points, the power of EFT is in the nuances of its application. A person may take a weekend course or online program and offer EFT without going through the process of certification. With minimal training and no confirmation of their skill, he or she can begin to offer sessions to unsuspecting clients who believe that they are working with a qualified practitioner. When I hear that someone has tried EFT with a practitioner and it did not work, I wonder if the practitioner really had sufficient skill.

I have used EFT for over 10 years with 100’s of clients and have achieved significant and measureable positive results with many different issues.

Here are three reasons that you should work with a practitioner who has been certified by an internationally recognized organization that oversees EFT training and certification.

Speed and Effectiveness

A skilled, certified practitioner will be able to take you farther, faster because he or she knows how to get to the underlying and core issues that are fueling your discomfort or distress. With a less skillful practitioner, you may pay less for sessions but find that you need to go to many sessions to your issue fully resolved.

Thoroughness and Completeness

Problematic issues and pervasive negative emotions result from a myriad of underlying experiences and feelings. It takes a lot of ability and knowhow to unravel all the aspects, especially of a complex situation. With a non-certified practitioner, you may find that even after several sessions, the problem does not seem to be fully resolved.

Your Safety and Well-being

The most important consideration for working with Emotional Freedom Techniques is your personal safety. The EFT process can ‘tap’ into long forgotten traumatic memories, unsettling buried emotions or trigger real distress related to something or someone from the past. An inexperienced EFT practitioner may not be able to support you while you are in a very vulnerable and frightening place and you may feel worse off.


To ensure your mental and emotional safely, ask if your EFT practitioner’s certification is with a globally-recognized body including:


The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques


The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology


The Association for Meridian Therapies


The Association for Meridian Therapies
Practitioners who have completed training and fulfilled the requirements for certification have demonstrated that they have you, the client’s best interests at heart. Certification takes several months and candidates must demonstrate knowledge and competency, achieve an 80% pass rate on an exam, confirm that they do their own work with EFT, undergo annual supervision and commit to many hours of continuing education. Certified practitioners also carry liability insurance as a further indication of their commitment to ethical professional practices and to your well-being.

Interested in becoming certified?



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