When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Do You Take It?

Jun 2021

Baseball player Yogi Berra is said to have quipped, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”.  But do you?  Taking that fork in the road can involve timing, confidence, dissatisfaction with the road you are already on or personal desire for new learning and challenge.

The question is then, how to decide?  How does one achieve decision clarity?  In my experience, there are three strategies that should not be used:

  1. Attempting to make a decision while feeling frustrated, stressed, pressured or sad
  2. Spending endless hours assessing, analyzing and comparing options
  3. Polling others for their opinions about your decision

Decision clarity comes from one place and one place only.  That place is a feeling of calm and inner peace that arises when a clear decision emerges.  The decision just ‘feels right’ and you move forward with confidence and conviction.  When decisions arise from a good feeling, you are less likely to doubt yourself, have second thoughts or experience decision regret or remorse.

The Three Principles understanding of how our minds work points to the infinite intelligence behind all life that is beyond our personal intellect and understanding.   Some call this inner wisdom, insight or intuition.   Regardless, greater certainty is available through aligning with the inherent knowing that lies within you. When you quiet down your personal thinking, you align with that deeper intelligence that guides you in making clear decisions about any fork in your road.

I am more of the opinion that if it feels right (fear aside) at the time you come to that fork, then definitely consider it, and better still, take it.


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