What is Your Relationship with Money?

Jul 2019

People can have us feel comfortable, nervous, intimidated, relaxed, irritated, safe or rejected.  You have an emotional relationship with individuals based on your beliefs, expectations and experiences with them.

Money is like that too.  You have an emotional relationship with money based on what you learned about money growing up, your own experience with money (gains and losses), what you believe about money and how your feel with money.

In her book The Energy of Money, author Maria Nemeth describes the difference between a ‘psychological’ approach to financial success – looking at what you are doing and why you are doing it vs a ‘spiritual’ approach where you observe how things are hooked-up in you – essentially how you are ‘wired’ for money.  Your actions with money might be obvious (at least to others) but your subconscious limiting beliefs about money will innocently sabotage your financial goals.

In this upcoming Money Mindset Breakthrough Workshop you will uncover and rewire you own money mindset by:

  • clearing limiting beliefs including your hidden money agenda
  • unveiling your money “why” – what does money mean to you?
  • identifying your money conditioning – what you learned about money
  • releasing emotional distress you may have experienced with money (PTFD)
  • clearing the way to feel more in control of your capacity to earn and retain money

The next Money Mindset Breakthrough Workshop is Friday, August 16, 2019
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