What If Everything Was Neutral?

Golf ball in water hazard about to be hit.
Apr 2024

lt came to me to create a thought experiment last week.  I was speaking to a marketing coach who, after I explained my seemingly diverse business ideas, exclaimed “you don’t have clarity!”.   After our call, I thought to myself, what if it didn’t matter?  What if any situation, thought or feeling was inherently neutral?   If I didn’t have clarity – neutral.  If I wasn’t sure of my next step – neutral.  If I started to feel concerned or unsettled – neutral.

It seems like a silly game but with everything being ‘neutral’ I started to experience a sense of calm.   Since my experience of life is 100% coming from within me, when I don’t give attention or energy to what I am thinking and feeling, I am left with a feeling of moving through life a little more smoothly.  Interestingly too, in a more relaxed state of mind, I began to find more clarity and ideas emerged I had not considered before.

I was watching the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament and observed that no matter how each of the top golfers hit their shots, they appeared to be able to remain unruffled.  It could be a great shot or a cringy one.  The ball may have sailed over the green, rolled under a tree, or pitched in a bunker or water hazard.  Regardless, they seemed to be able to stay on an even keel, neutral, if you will, and play on, even though they were competing for millions of dollars and the coveted green jacket.

Things do happen in life where we spontaneously experience sudden anger, fear, or despair. Still, within a few moments, we can return to a calm centered state of mind and carry on, letting anything that just happened or could happen in the future be ‘neutral’.

Play around with your own thought experiment and let me know what you discover.


  1. Vicki

    Sounds interesting.I am going to try to experiment with this.

  2. Maureen Payne

    I enjoyed your thought process. I understand the bit between short anger and the a return to calm or in not hanging on to the unsettlement of anger. I like beige or as you say neutral. You get more accomplished


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