What does Authentic mean to you?

Jul 2024

The concept of authenticity gets tossed around quite a bit. People are authentic, their work is authentic, or an item is authentic. We want to be with and do business with people who are authentic. They come across as real, transparent and trustworthy.

For me, authentic means to come from a place of one’s own agency, or authority if you will. This means that someone is tuned into what feels right for them in each moment. They are following their own path at their own pace, guided by an inner knowing that is connected to a deeper intelligence there to inform, guide and protect.

This inner agency is not a product of our upbringing, education or life experience, it transcends all of what we might call our personal mind, or ego. Our authentic self is with us at birth and never wavers, no matter what trauma and tragedies we have faced in life. It is wise, all-knowing and with us 24/7 even when we don’t pay attention to its nudges.

It lets you know when you are tired and need to rest. It’s your ego that tells you to push yourself to exhaustion or physical pain. It guides you to eat when you are hungry, not hold off until you are losing your energy and ability to focus. It lets you know the best choices for yourself, regardless of what you believe others expect of you or tell you, even so-called experts. It guides you to saying and doing what is true for you in the moment regardless of your fearful ego trying to convince you otherwise.

The authentic you is your true nature, your essence if you will, not your conditioned ego bent on trying to please others, prove yourself (even to yourself) or over-perform to compensate for the ego’s prodding you are not enough. The authentic you is confident, courageous and certain.

When you identify with your authentic self, you can ignore your critical, judgmental thinking. You can trust yourself, your perspective and your capabilities, treat yourself with reverence and respect, and know that you have whatever it takes to joyfully thrive in your life and work.


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