Make it Rain Sales with Jackie Rainforth

Ever feel like a fraud? Imposter Syndrome can kill your sales! 

I recently made a HUGE SALES MISTAKE – yes – I should have known better – and I do – but I let my IMPOSTER SYNDROME trigger me.

  • Find out what happened, the big mistake I made, and why it happened from expert Marlene Cameron, and how I crashed and burned!
  • What IMPOSTER SYNDROME looks like and how it kills your sales. Not just mine – ugh!
  • How our minds work and what solutions we have to avoid the old IMPOSTER SYNDROME CRASH & BURN!!!

With the new year here and setting goals as our mandate, our mindset has to be on point! Do not let IMPOSTER SYNDROME hold you back.

The Number One Source of Stress

Marlene speaks to the dilemma of where stress comes from and how to resolve it. Discover the number one source and how to free yourself of the grip of stress.

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