Ultimate Goals for the New Year

Dec 2018

A number of years ago, I attended Science of Mind courses offered through the Centre for Positive Living.  From time to time we completed an exercise of writing down a total of 100 goals divided into three separate columns under the headings, Be, Do and Have.  We repeated this assignment approximately 6 times over the three years – to document our then-current 100 combined Be, Do, Have goals.

Most of us started with more goals in our Have and Do columns – create more money, grow a business, maintain healthy eating and exercise habits or spend more time with people and activities we valued.  Over time, however, we noticed that the number of the goals in our Do and Have columns began to shrink and our Be column started to grow     We began to identify a greater number of Being goals – to experience ourselves as more kind, less judgmental, more patient, less quick to anger, more caring, more content and more calm.     We realized that in the process of achieving the more tangible Doing and Having goals, who were being changed in the process.

Ultimately, regardless of the goals we can readily measure – our Have’s and Do’s, what most of us really want is greater peace, deeper contentment, increased well-being, heightened satisfaction and greater fulfillment.   When setting your Have and Do goals and resolutions this year, I suggest you include some Being states too.  These elevated ways of being ultimately lead to greater abundance, health and happiness.

To Your Freedom and Success in 2019.


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