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Jigsaw Puzzle becoming a Reality
Mar 2021

Anyone who has assembled a jigsaw puzzle knows the necessity of having the picture at hand to refer to.  I am working on one now and was reminded of the importance of keeping a vision or goal top of mind so as to work purposefully.  Just like a puzzle, it can take time to locate and put all the pieces in place to achieve a result you want.

It can be maddening to look for a piece and not be able to locate it. I have fantasized that some evil puzzle packer kept one piece out just to inflict frustration and pain.  The pieces do turn up eventually, just like ideas, resources and people do in real life when we have set our mind to a specific goal.  We need a clear vision, focus, faith and persistence.

In terms of setting a goal or resolution for yourself, do yourself a favour and pick one – the ‘one thing’ you want to accomplish in the next three months.  Working on multiple goals is akin to working on multiple puzzles at the same time.  It can be done but not with the same degree of effectiveness and overwhelm may have you abandon all of them.


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