Training Programs

Training programs are for service-based businesses of up to 50 employees looking to grow the value for their organizations through unleashing the potential of their employee’s capabilities and well-being.

These three-day or six half-day courses are designed to be delivered in small group settings with active participation.

Programs provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and skills to engage in more effective workplace communications, be more resilient when dealing with discord, challenges and setbacks, and work more cordially and collaboratively with others.

Mental clarity, resiliency, emotional well-being and enthusiasm in team members drive business excellence, growth and productivity.

Training programs are designed to be eligible for the Canada Job Grant reimbursement programs in Alberta and provinces across Canada.

We offer training in CommunicationMental Well-being, Leadership Skills, Mastering business authentically and Emotional Freedom Techniques


Effective Communications at Work

for Elevated Co-operation, Collaboration and Client Relations

Who Is This Training is For?
This training is for service-based businesses, non-profit associations and professional clinics. It is designed to improve communication skills for managers and employees whose performance and success are predicated on clear understanding, knowing what is required, confirming expectations and giving and receiving constructive course corrections.

This training provides the solutions to and skills to overcome:

  • Mistakes and oversights causing delays and eroding profits
  • Team members arguing, uncooperative and competitive
  • Finger-pointing, blaming and lack of accountability
  • Frequent misunderstandings and missed deadlines
  • Clients, stakeholders complaining about poor service

How Will They Benefit?
The training prioritizes self-awareness, assuredness and personal-authority to empower participants to have the attentiveness and confidence to listen fully, confirm needs and expectations, give and receive clear instructions, manage disagreement and conflict, provide construction information and feedback and repair relationships.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Increased personal and team productivity
  • Enhanced customer rapport and service
  • Effective delegation, feedback and requests for change
  • Capacity to cultivate emotional safety for self and others
  • Skills to advance to greater responsibility and authority
  • Transference in advanced communications skills
  • Support for business growth and profitability

Program Delivery–
Six skills-based learning modules (total 21 hours)
Three full-day sessions or six half-day workshops
In-person or online training available in groups of up to 20
Optional private mentor sessions with participants

Find out how your organization could benefit from this value-add training for your managers and staff.

Resiliency and Well-Being in the workplace

For Greater Calm, Mental Clarity and Emotional Balance

Why Mental Well-bing Training?
Studies indicate that stress, pressure and burnout are becoming the greatest impediments to organizational productivity and profitability. Worried and overwhelmed people are challenged to set priorities, stay focused, make good decisions and cope with unforeseen challenges and set-back. Mental calm, alertness resiliency and capacity to respond to sudden changes enables the employees to work with greater clarity, ease and optimism.

This training is suitable for organizations up to 50 employees who are experiencing:

  • Management and team experiencing fatigue and burnout
  • Increased absenteeism, mental health days and staff turnover
  • Inability to think creatively, resolve problems and overcome hurdles
  • Irritability, short tempers and acting out with anger and frustration
  • Lack of enthusiasm and willingness to push through
  • Eroding employee morale, discouragement and resignation

How Participants Benefit
Mental health and emotional balance lead to higher levels of productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, capacity for change and ability to respond to critical situations. These mental resiliency and wellness skills lead to:

  • Clear thinking and enhanced problem solving
  • Ability to cultivate psychological safety for self and others
  • Being more empathetic, cooperative and collaborative
  • Minimized stress leave and absentee days
  • Modeled calm presence and emotional competency
  • Ablility to perform at a more consistent level free of emotional distractions
  • Increased productivity and provide basis for business expansion

Program Delivery–
Six skills-based learning modules delivered over 21 hours
Three full-day or six half-day trainings
In-person or online training available in groups of up to 20
Optional private mentor sessions with participants
Workbooks and training materials provided

Discover what might be holding your business back and how greater resourcefulness, resilience and well-being can benefit your team and your business bottom line.
Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Achieving Results through Relationships and Responsibilities

Why Training for New and Emerging Managers and Leaders?
To support your technical experts and front-line workers in becoming more skillful managers and leaders as they transition from self-directed contribution to achieving results through others. This program introduces the new manager/leader to six key elements in developing caring relationships with those who report to them, providing vision and guidance, building trust and cohesive teams, challenging people to perform at a higher level, giving feedback and dealing with conflict.

  • New leaders overwhelmed with interpersonal issues and conflict on the team
  • Uncertainty with relationship boundaries, personal and professional
  • Avoiding conflict and setting the stage for non-accountability
  • Hesitation in inviting differences of opinion and perspective
  • Unable to assimilate feedback from direct reports

What Are the Benefits?
Enhanced relationship, communication and confidence for the new and emerging leader in order to equip them to guide their teams to achieve better results with greater buy-in, cooperation and collaboration

  • Able to have difficult conversations with emotional balance
  • Creating psychological safety for others
  • Deliver clear directions, expectations and outcomes
  • Challenge individuals who are under-performing with confidence
  • Create an environment for enhanced creativity and problem-solving
  • Lead with calm and clarity in the event of unforeseen circumstances

Program Delivery–
Six skills-based learning modules
Three full-day (7 hour)  or six half-day (3.5 hours) workshops
In-person or online training available in groups of up to 20
Optional private training sessions with participants

You have invested in your team’s technical skills and wonder if investing in their interpersonal and leadership skills would help to make your business more productive and profitable.  Call to discuss how this program could support you in your goals.

Tapping out of Trauma into Healing, Health and Happiness

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) to enhance quality of life.

Professional Training for Mental Health Therapists, Educators and Individuals

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an evidence-based intervention that is readily learnable and can be used for professional and personal applications by mental health and addictions therapists, medical professionals, family and social services counsellors, educators and individuals.  It is renowned for its tested and proven effectiveness for immediate relief from emotional distress and as practical tool to address anxiety, trauma, PTSD, fears and phobias, loss, addictions, depression, grief and stress-related physical symptoms.

To make EFT more effective and long-lasting, participants will be introduced to a principles-based understanding of human psychological functioning and the role of feelings as a guidance system to realize a happier and more satisfying life.  Learn about the human spiritual essence and the power of the mind to realize contentment and well-being even following traumatic events.

Training includes:

  • EFT tapping for self-help and for working with others
  • Ways to address intense trauma that keep the client safe
  • Applications for stress-related health issues and physical pain
  • Understanding feelings as a guidance system to greater well-being
  • Our true nature and connection to divine wisdom and guidance
  • How humans experience their unique and separate realities
  • Letting go of the past to live fully alive in the present
  • Restoring inner harmony and spiritual connection

Participants will come away with the knowledge and know-how to use EFT for personal and professional applications following the training.

Program Delivery–

Three-day in-person training program to learn and practice Emotional Freedom Techniques on real-life situations.

Supervised practice time is included in the class so that everyone can experience the transformative power of EFT tapping for themselves.


Intense emotions work to highjack one’s capacity to be resilient and resourceful.  A calm clear mind opens the way to insightful and intelligent responses to real-life situations.  EFT works to activate presence and poise.

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