The Willing Wisdom Within

Mar 2021

I have taken to heart the idea that I do not have to figure out everything myself.  Life is complex enough without having to compare, sort, analyze, evaluate or digest all the information and options available to me.   I have learned that I can rely on what is referred to as insight, intuition, instincts or gut reactions that are the communication channels through which the Infinite Intelligence behind all Life informs and guides us (when we let it).

I have come to understand that this ever-present intelligence or “Wisdom” created everything and, interestingly enough, knows how to run things.  Consider the billions of cells in your body that carry on the functions of breathing, digesting, adapting to temperature changes and healing without you having to do a thing.  This same innate Wisdom also supports your mental functioning by guiding you ‘know things’ and make productive decisions moment to moment.  You might even call this common sense.

Everyone has had intuitive ‘hits’.  You’ve known something to be true, even when others did not agree.  Or, you felt a certain decision was ‘right’ even when you did not have all the data to support it.    We know it happens, so why not more often?   The trick is, our intuitive thoughts have to get by our ongoing, insistent, habitual thinking (the 50,000 or so mostly redundant thoughts we have every day).  If you consider your mind somewhat like a snow globe, after you shake it and then set it down, it settles on its own.  Settling your own thinking can look like taking your mind off a problem, leaving it alone for a while and moving on to something else.  Then WHAM! the solution comes through on its own.

When you require a solution to a problem or need to make a key decision, your intellect (conceptual mind) loves to keep you engaged in endless permutations and combinations of ideas, but really, that’s not where the answers lay.    It is possible to have less on your mind and actually be more productive.  Let the ‘universe’ do some of the heavy lifting for you.   It is ready and willing whenever you are.


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