What does Authentic mean to you?

Apr 2021

“Never underestimate the power of an insight…. Sometimes an insight is worth all your previous experiences in life put together”. – Sydney Banks, founder, The Three Principles

There is a deep intelligence that runs in all of our minds that is the source of insight.  It arises from the formless infinite intelligence behind all life.  This source is your greatest ally and resource in life.  When you look to Insight to understand your dilemmas and address your challenges, life seems to get easier.   You can relax, trusting that the same infinite intelligence will come through for you, at the right time.

You are an insight-generating machine.  You literally have the ‘wisdom of the worlds’ available to you to help you solve problems, see a situation differently, have deeper understanding and guide you in knowing what to do with confidence and certainty.

You don’t have ‘insights on demand’ per se, however the potential for insight is an always present, natural function operating behind the scenes.  You do not have control over when or how it comes, and, you can get in the way of fresh thoughts, new ideas or creative solutions by:

  • trying to figure things out using what you already know, or
  • telling yourself the problem is hardwired and continue to focus on what’s wrong, or
  • thinking someone knows more than you and has your answers

You can, however, create an environment for insights to emerge.   Here are a few things I have found helpful and you may have some ways too.

  • shifting thoughts away from the issue, essentially, ‘backing off’ and leaving it alone
  • going for a walk around the office, around the block, around the park whatever
  • switching to a new task and let your mind work on the solution ‘while you are not looking’
  • sleeping on it

You can use insight arising through your intuition as a way to know what to do moment to moment; know what so say, even when the stakes are high; make critical decisions and move on them; and even for mundane everyday things like eating what’s right for you.

Our Western culture and education system have been led us to believe that our intellect is our greatest resource, and stored information and experience are our greatest assets. While they are of great value, a purely intellectual approach can lead to a lot of overthinking, stressing and difficulty making decisions.   Try an ‘insights approach’ to your day and enjoy the new sense of freedom and ease that comes with it.


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