What does Authentic mean to you?

Marlene with Confidence Sign
Apr 2024

Confidence is not an outcome of pumping yourself up, wearing your power suit, or rehearsing what to say.  I tried these and looked for confidence through degrees, designations, achievements and awards but didn’t find it there either.  True confidence is much simpler.  It’s a willingness to trust what occurs to you to do.  Simpler still, confidence is trusting you will be guided to know what to do in the moment.  The confidence to take action arises from a feeling of a calm inner assurance – not what you strategize, systematize or memorize.  It comes from a deeper sense of certainty, even if it does not ‘make sense’ to the rational mind.

People leave their jobs, pivot their businesses or finally speak up, not because they rationalized the decision, analyzed the pros and cons, or received confirmation from others, it’s because they were moved to. It does not take intellectual-fueled confidence or willpower to do something seemingly ‘scary’, it takes trust.

With authentic, or true confidence, you can withstand the storm of fear-based thoughts that steer you away from ‘what feels right’.   Your fearful ego mind will come up with worst-case scenarios, ask “What will others say?”, question “What are you thinking?” and other sneaky ways to undermine your instinct to take action.

Confidence ultimately comes from clarity at the moment, not minutes, hours, or days before.  When you recognize a deeper intelligence guides you, and know it ‘has your back’, you can trust life and yourself.  This is the unshakeable confidence you are seeking, and you already have it.


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