What does Authentic mean to you?

Feb 2024

I was moved by what Aveline Clarke so beautifully shared in her chapter in How to Be a Six-Star Business.   She was facing having a child on her own and experienced her inner knowing in a very profound way.  She writes:

“I heard the first whispers of this inner knowing inside.  I couldn’t quite identify it at the time, yet it felt strong, caring and wise so I permitted myself to listen to it further.  This was the moment that changed everything for me.  It was the beginning of journey of learning to ‘tune into’ my inner knowing and be pulled and guided by that.

It ignited in me a drive and intention to be ready for this child to arrive and be a powerful, strong and successful parent – despite my loud critics, having no partner and absent family support.  Listening to that ‘inner knowing’ was one of the most critical and pivotal decisions I have ever made.”

Insightful inner knowing is your birthright and the foundation of your personal power.  ‘Knowing’ can arise as a moment of profound insight, in or in small, subtle nudges.  Nevertheless, ego mind can override your knowing in the moment, urging you to maintain the status quo, adhere to an old belief, appease another or prove yourself.  So then, how do you really know?

In the upcoming Awaken to Your Power course, you will learn how to discriminate, realize and trust your inner knowing, that is always there to inform, guide and protect you.  This discernment alone will afford you all the clarity, self-assuredness and courage you need to live and work with greater confidence, ease and grace.

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  1. Victoria Givlin

    Beautiful as ever. Listening to our inner guidance is so important. Thank you for the reminder.


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