The ONE Thing at the Core of Everything

Jul 2021

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or individual, we all seek to understand what it takes to be successful in our businesses, careers, and lives. What contributes to our personal power and ability to realize our full potential?  How do these attributes inform and energize our capacity to be and perform at our best, support others in their success, and have rich, fulfilling lives and relationships?

I submit these nine personal powers: Calm, Confidence, Conviction, Courage, Creativity, Compassion, Connection, Clear Communications and Compelling Presence.  Might there be one unifying power behind all of these assets and advantages?   What one thing fuels our ability to embody and demonstrate these powers, and be the authentic and effective leaders and influencers we are already capable of?  In a word: CLARITY.

  1. Clarity brings peace of mind and Calm allowing us to be unhindered by worry, anxiety, fear or depression.    A calm, clear mind opens the way for deeper insight, resiliency and well-being.
  2. Clarity paves the way for Confidence – an unwavering belief in ourselves, our talents and our purpose.  It fires a trust in ourselves, knowing that who we are and what we do matters and that we have what it takes to realize our dreams.
  3. Clarity backs Conviction – the capacity to make decisions and move forward with greater purpose, free of self-doubt, self- judgment and fear of missing the mark.  We proceed without the need for approval or permission from others.
  4. Clarity fires Courage and our capacity to take the next step in spite of our fears.  We understand that there is always a learning curve when we are stepping outside of the unknown, propelled by a clear vision or powerful intention to make an impact in the world.
  5. Clarity informs Compassion supports patience and understanding for others, promotes a heartfelt empathy and high regard and respect for those who have different needs, opinions and world views.
  6. Clarity underlies Connection – our capacity for rewarding and respectful relationships with colleagues and clients, close personal bonds with family and friends, a feeling of belonging in a group or community or union with something greater than ourselves.
  7. Clarity stimulates Clear Communications with consistent, concise and congruent thoughts, words and actions that signify valuable expertise, integrity, transparency and trustworthiness.
  8. Clarity energizes Creativity including our ability to solve problems, envision new opportunities, change direction without resistance and generate outcomes beyond what we thought possible.
  9. Clarity invigorates a Compelling Presence – our capacity to be seen, heard, trusted and regarded with high regard and respect. It allows us to be the influencers and make the contribution and positive impact we are meant to in the world.

If you feel you are struggling with one or more of these attributes, I would be delighted to have a Clarity Conversation with you.  Discover what might be in your way of embracing and engaging your personal powers in order to realize your true potential with more grace and ease.


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