The Limits of the Human Mind

May 2024

Printer Bowler, author of The Cosmic Laws of Golf (And Everything Else) writes: “To depend totally on the human mind is to be locked in a small closet, unaware of the rest of our universe”.

For centuries, we have been taught to revere and rely on the human intellectual mind. To fill our heads with textbook education, structured training, and curated experiences, and to put our trust in experts, even when their messages conflicted. We turned away from our deeper knowing – that part of us connected to the universe, the infinite intelligence behind all life.

Bowler goes on to say “The human mind is like a computer, filled only with data and programs we have put into it. Its ultimate message is ‘Don’t ask me for understanding, All I can tell you is what you’ve already told me’”. Knowing this, we eventually turn towards our heart’s intuition and less to the limiting human mental world.

“To use the puny human mind to try to comprehend why we are here and how we can get some real satisfaction is like trying to dig a gold mine with a golf tee”. A state of ‘no thought’ or ‘mindlessness’ opens our eyes to a much grander version of who we are and what we are doing here.  We will never ‘figure it out’ with our conditioned human mind but that is not to say we can’t know it.  


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