Taming Your Dragons

Tame Your Dragons
May 2019

I was watching a documentary film, Finding Joe, which depicts philosopher Joseph Campbell’s take on the Hero’s Journey.  This is rite of passage is universal and we all take it as we venture out to discover bigger, bolder versions of ourselves.  Along the way the hero is presented with opportunities to discover hitherto unrecognized talent, character and inner strength.

Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and commentator in the film states: “The one thing that keeps people from their mountain tops, the one thing that keeps people small rather than allowing them to bring their genius to the world – its fear, or as Joseph Campbell would say – it’s their ‘dragons’”.

You might think that ‘dragons’ are external barriers that block your way.  Not so, dragons are those aspects of you who don’t feel worthy, good enough, smart enough, confident enough, capable enough.  Your dragons are inner voices that dissuade you from taking risks and potentially experiencing failure, rejection, vulnerability, even shame.

Dragons are not to be slayed because they are aspects of you.  When you face them and bring them alongside you benefit from their fierceness and power.  What if you had that boldness working for you?  Rather like training a horse to ride so that you can use it’s speed and energy to go farther, faster.


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