Summer Book Course

 The Inside Out Revolution by Michael Neill

The Only Thing You Need to Know to Change Your Life Forever

Six Week Course June 25 – July 30, 2024

 “If you could only read one book in your lifetime, I’d recommend this one.”
– Sharma Kabani, CEO of the Marketing Zen Group

Is this you?

Do you feel limited and constricted by negative feelings more than you would like to? 

You are not alone.  Everyone visits and sometimes lives in unwanted feelings of stress and distress that impact personal effectiveness and enjoyment of life.

The current thinking offers a laundry list of explanations for why you feel and behave the way you do– ranging from genetics to childhood trauma, challenging life situations and even the weather.

By way of contrast, this book presents a science-based explanation of human experience, feelings and moods.  It is a simple and enlightening understanding of where human experience comes from and how it can be changed for the better without any techniques, strategies or prescribed behaviours.

Michael Neill. The Inside Out Revolution

Welcome to your personal revolution.

“What if everything you’d ever learned about how reality worked was just wrong?”

You have been led to believe that how you feel is a response or reaction to external circumstances, people, places and things.  While it certainly appears that way,  the truth is, it just isn’t so.  

Nobody told you that you have incredible power to bring your thoughts to life and have them appear as your personal reality.  You have had this power since birth and without knowing it, have been using it unknowingly and innocently, sometimes even against yourself.  

This book study course offers the opportunity for you to awaken to a deeper understanding of who you truly are,  how to reshape your experience of life and connect to a deeper knowing that you can trust and rely on.

All truly transformative conversations
direct us inward toward the source
and nature of our experience.

What’s Possible for You

The Three Principles foundation forms the wisdom within this book.  When you grasp the teachings, you will experience an immediate improvement in your level of well-being, no matter how well you are feeling at present.  You will perform better in life and appreciate more rewarding results and a richer life than ever before.

Our transformational conversations will include:

  • Dancing between the spiritual and the material. You exist in an infinite field of intelligent energy.  This energy infuses all living things and guides your life.
  • Your true nature and genius.  Discover a connection to a deeper dimension of you with knowing beyond your intellect.
  • The only thing you need to know.  Learn how your mind works and how to use it the way it was designed to work, for your success and happiness.
  • A formula for miracles.  Transformations are not the results of processes, tools or techniques but rather the effect of a shift in your level of consciousness.
  • How to thrive. Your factory default settings are clarity, confidence and well-being.  The more deeply you see this, the greater your effectiveness, ease and enjoyment of life.
  • The paradox of results.  Shift from being results-oriented to being inner-directed for greater freedom, fulfillment and happiness.
  • Beyond empowerment towards enlightenment.  See yourself as a conduit for infinite wisdom and grace.
What Others Have Said:

Do you have a sense of who you really are? Are you searching for freedom from over-thinking, judging and over-analyzing? How might it feel to show up in the world in a lighter way?

I invite you to engage with the Three Principles and open space for Love to flourish in your life. This understanding allows your authentic self to be the only self.  – Gabriela Ostendorfer

Do you want to change your life for the better?

Do you want to feel in charge of yourself and experience life in a deeper, richer, more engaging way?

My answer will always be ‘Then take this course”.  It changes everything.’  – Nancy Lynne Hughes




Six weeks beginning June 27 – August 1, 2024
Class limited to 8 

9:00 – 10:15 AM MDT

All sessions are over Zoom and will be recorded.

You are welcome to call 403 209-2142 or email me anytime with your questions.




6-Week Course with Recordings:
Book to be purchased separately by each participant.

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