3P Success Circles

Discover Greater Poise, Presence and Personal Power as a Business Owner/Leader

Are you a professional woman who:

  • Is putting in too much time and effort for the results you are seeing?
  • Feels like your work is encroaching on your private life?
  • Is not sure where to focus your energy for maximum results?
  • Experiences fear, uncertainty and self-doubt too often?
  • Wonders if you will ever achieve what you had set out to?
  • Feels under constant pressure to constantly perform?
  • Worries that you lack leadership qualities?

What if you could:

  • Have more effortless ease and flow in your workday?
  • Enjoy work/life harmony with time for yourself, family and friends
  • Have the clarity and insight as to where to focus your time
  • Be guided in your decisions without second-guessing
  • Feel fulfilled and accomplished each day
  • Live and work in a state of joy, grace and ease
  • Step up as the natural leader you are

Unleash Your Personal Power

Join us for a bi-monthly Mastermind class where you will learn to embrace deeper insights, intuition and inspiration – effectively be Mentored by Wisdom – the infinite intelligence behind life.

Connect with like-minded women who are embracing the vast power beyond their intellect in order to achieve extraordinary clarity and exceptional success aligned with their own heartfelt vision and values.

Mastermind meetings are based on the understanding of the Three Principles as discovered by Canadian Sydney Banks in 1973 during a profound enlightenment experience that completely changed his life and is now changing thousands of lives around the world.

  • There is a creative power, the essence and the transcendent intelligence behind all life and the foundation of the freedom, power and potential of all human beings.
  • We exist in our own thought-created reality. We possess innate clarity, resilience and well-being. Our inborn core feelings are love, joy and peace of mind.
  • There are infinite levels of consciousness that we ascend through ‘out of the blue’ insights, rather than incremental change. The possibility of a sudden positive awareness offers clear direction, instant creative solutions and improved quality of life.

Class details

WHEN: First and Third Friday of Each Month

TIME: 9:00 am to 10:30 AM MDT (switches to MST in the fall)

WHERE: Marlene’s Private Zoom Room

Want to find out more? Let’s have a conversation. I would be delighted to help you determine it this would be a great fit for you now.


“Learning the Three Principles was the missing piece for me. The conversation regarding the application of these Principles to my business gave me new insights, renewed enthusiasm, and clarity as to how I will move forward.”

Nancy-Lynne Hughes, Artist, Instructor,
Hughes Fine Art