Stop Thinking to Solve Your Problems

Stop Thinking to Solve Your Problems
Mar 2021

If they handed out Olympic medals for overthinking, I would be a contender for the gold.  For much of my life I have attempted to figure things out and arrive at decisions through over-thinking.  I continued this pursuit even though rarely fruitful, with friends pointing this out to me.  I’d go round and round with my thinking, seemingly going further down the rabbit hole.

I was introduced to a new understanding of mental well-being called The Three Principles. It points to the intelligent energy behind all life that knows how to operate everything, including me and my business.   Since It is infinite, it likely knows a lot more than I do with my limited conceptual thinking.  I have also come to realize that when I can dial down my incessant thinking about a problem, fresh insights show up along with a solution.

I now endeavour to step back, take a break, goof off, or do whatever it takes to divert my mind so that fresh ideas can slip through the cracks of my thoughts.  It feels easier knowing I don’t have to work so hard and figure it out all by myself.

I concur with an ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.  “Stop Thinking and End Your Problems”.  It can mean either a solution reveals itself when you break with your thinking, or the “universe” takes care of something on your behalf when you let it go.  Either way, you are relieved of the responsibility and free to move on.


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