Marlene Cameron, business confidence trainer

Marlene Cameron

Elevated Clarity for Exceptional Results

Marlene Cameron is an award-winning executive coach, certified trainer and international speaker.

She helps professional women embrace the clarity and confidence to be more decisive, productive and influential leaders.

Through Marlene’s coaching and training programs, hundreds of business owners and leaders have learned to work with greater insight, creativity and ease to achieve elevated business success with dramatically lower levels of stress.

Her keynote presentation and workshops invite CEO’s, Executives and Entrepreneurs to tap into the invisible power beyond their intellect in order to know with greater certainty, be more naturally confident and enjoy freedom from stress and self-doubt.

Three key Principles reveal how to achieve elevated business success with optimal financial freedom and personal well-being.

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Your Secret to Success – The Invisible Force Within
Is something keeping you from the success you want and know you can achieve but you just can’t put your finger on?  You’re smart, savvy and passionate about what you do, so what’s missing? You haven’t yet learned to tap into something within you that is much more powerful than your intellect. When you combine this wise invisible power with your personal intelligence, success arises with ease and grace.

The Decision Clarity Advantage
Do you want to be more effective as a business owner or corporate leader? The secret to unlocking the power within you is decisiveness. Learn the four levels of clarity and their impact on decision-making, productivity and leadership effectiveness. Find out how you can develop heightened decision clarity so you can experience effortless, stress-free success and personal freedom.

The Dangers of Feeling Like a Fake:  The Journey from Fear to Freedom
Do you sometimes feel anxious and uncertain about your capabilities and value?  Feeling like an impostor undermines your capacity for optimal decision-making, bold action and smart risk-taking. Discover what nobody told you about where insecure feelings come from and how to reclaim your natural and authentic confidence as a business owner and leader.

The Three Principles:  A Paradigm Shift for Realizing Your True Potential
Up until 1973 when Canadian Sydney Banks had his life-changing experience, we did not fully realize how life manifests and how the human mind works to create our reality from the inside out.  With this new paradigm of understanding, discover your timeless essence and innate capacity for clarity, resiliency and well-being.    You were designed to succeed, find out how through the Principles.

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“Marlene’s presentation was the one most talked about at our conference.”
– American Society of Interior Designers, New York, NY

“A captivating, interesting and thought-provoking presentation.  I loved Marlene’s style of speaking.”
– Rachel Mendonca, BDO Canada

“Knowledgeable and engaging, Marlene encouraged me to become more self-aware as a leader, and inspired greater
confidence in my vision and goals.”   – Hyacinth Schaeffer, Hyxpectations Consulting     

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