Marlene Cameron, business confidence trainer

Marlene Cameron

Get More Done and Have More Fun

Marlene Cameron is an award-winning executive coach, well-being educator and international speaker.

She helps professional men and women discover their innate clarity and confidence to be more decisive, impactful and influential leaders.

Through Marlene’s coaching and training programs, hundreds of leaders have learned to live and work with greater insight, creativity and ease to realize more business success with less stress.

Her keynote presentation and workshops invite business owners and leaders to combine the power of their intellect and expertise with their capacity for insight, innovation and inspired action. 

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The Dangers of Feeling Like a Faking

Do you sometimes feel anxious and uncertain about your capabilities and value?  Feeling like an impostor undermines your capacity for optimal decision-making, bold action and smart risk-taking. Discover what nobody told you about where insecure feelings come from and how to reclaim your natural and authentic confidence as a business owner and leader.

How to Be Discouragement-Proof

Things don’t always go as anticipated and desired and disappointment is inevitable. Learn how you can recognize and deal with feeling of despair and discouragement without being disheartened so that you can stay focused and productive.  Discover your capacity to get past discouragement to getting things done.

Achieving Success without the Stress
Does the idea of stress-less success seem like an oxymoron to you?  Perhaps you believe if you are not stressed you are not busy enough and that a little stress is a good thing.  Or perhaps success without stress is ‘unearned’ or maybe due to luck.  Discover where stress really comes from and how you can accomplish more with less stress, in fact it’s the only way to really succeed.

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“Marlene’s presentation was the one most talked about at our conference.”
– American Society of Interior Designers, New York, NY

“A captivating, interesting and thought-provoking presentation.  I loved Marlene’s style of speaking.”
– Rachel Mendonca, BDO Canada

“Knowledgeable and engaging, Marlene encouraged me to become more self-aware as a leader, and inspired greater
confidence in my vision and goals.”   – Hyacinth Schaeffer, Hyxpectations Consulting     

Email: marlene@marlenecameron.com

Telephone: 403-209-2142