Somebody Should Have Told Us!

Teacher in Classroom
Apr 2021

In the Introduction to his book, Somebody Should Have Told Us, counsellor, coach and author Jack Pransky, Ph.D., includes a revelation by a woman, Maribel, who suddenly realized, after many years, that positive self-esteem had always been within her.

“I felt this explosion of energy inside me.  It was impossible that positive self-esteem has always been there and was just covered over by negative thoughts!…I could not believe that for the past ten years I have been reading books on self-help, taking seminars and spending lots of money and time and never found an effective way to address the self-esteem problem.  I could not believe that it could be so ‘easy’.  Feelings of astonishment, incredibility, shame, anger, guild, relief ran through my whole body.  I felt so relieved and full of hope that I could breathe again, but at the same time I was mad.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?”

The reason why nobody told her, or us, is because they did not know.  For years we understood that our frustration, fear, guilt, shame, regret and resentment came from our reactions to things, people and circumstances outside of ourselves.  All the while, we were innocently using the power of our own thoughts to fuel our negative emotions, self-worth and self-esteem issues.

We were not told because our parents, their parents, teachers, mentors and role models also did not know.  Up until 1973, few people understood how we create for ourselves joyful or miserable lives, peaceful or stressful lives, beautiful or depressed lives.   If they had known, they would certainly have told us.

Now we know.  We have a new understanding of how human beings operate and innocently create their personal realities.   This new understanding, called the Three Principles, points to the facts that we are already perfect and whole, with innate wisdom, mental wellbeing and emotional health already built into our system and cannot be impaired.   Our true nature and natural default states are clarity, ease, lightness of being, peace and contentment.   We don’t have to do anything to achieve these states because they are already within our being.  Now you can relax and look for a serene, peaceful feeling within you.  That’s where you will discover everything you want to know.


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