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Marlene Cameron, business confidence trainer

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An award-winning coach and professional speaker, Marlene’s messages center around empowering professional women with greater clarity and confidence so that they can own their capacity to be bold, successful and fulfilled as business owners and leaders.

Marlene shares her story about her struggles with Impostor Syndrome and how she overcame persistent anxiety, self-doubt and fear through a new awareness of how to unlock power of our minds. The Three Principles point us to a new understanding of our innate wisdom and our capacity for calm, resiliency and resourcefulness, no matter what.

  • Impostor Syndrome – The Silent Saboteur
  • Women in Business – The Power of Insight and Intuition
  • Four Stages of Clarity and Impact on Decision-Making
  • On Being Unshakeable, No Mater What Happens
  • The Inner Human Dimension and Innate Wisdom and Well-being
  • The Three Principles and the Power of Human Mind
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Thank you to the following podcast hosts who invited me to be a guest on their shows. Links to the podcasts are below.

Unbroken Podcast with Alexandra Amor

Calm Self-assurance In Business
A small business can be a very accurate reflection of that business’s owner. So when an entrepreneur is fraught with insecurity, that is going to show up in the business. Marlene Cameron helps business owners and entrepreneurs connect with their innate wisdom and resilience and see that their moment-to-moment thinking doesn’t need to derail them when they have times of insecurity or doubt.

Episode 43– December 7, 2023

Episode Link

Marlene Cameron guest speaker on the unbroken podcast
3PGC’s podcast: We’re Listening with Rob Cook

Unshakeable Confidence
Marlene had a number of successful careers but still felt like there was a disconnect between the way others saw her and the way she saw herself. When she learned of the 3 Principles, she found the missing piece (and peace) and realized where all her insecurities were coming from. Marlene loves working with small business owners to help them create environments where their teams feel connected and can truly thrive.

Episode 63– march 18, 2022

Episode Link

The 3PGC’s podcast called “We’re Listening

The Write Connection with Katherine Burrows

Defeat Impostor Syndrome: Take Control of Your Story
Get an inside look at impostor syndrome with Marlene Cameron, Clarity Catalyst Coach. She uses her wisdom and personal experience to provide the peace of mind and authentic confidence she’s finally found herself, to her clients and colleagues.

S02 E05– November 30, 2021

Episode Link

The Write Connection- Podcast with Katherine Burrows

Dream it! Dare it! Do it! Live the Life You Want! with Jasmyne

In this episode I’m speaking with Marlene Cameron who is a business coach for professional women in business in Alberta, Canada. We discuss EFT and the three principles. More importantly, we discuss how we experience our own individual realities and what keeps us all from feeling connected.

We feel our thinking. We are an individual point of consciousness having experiences through our physical body. – Marlene Cameron

December 23, 2021

Episode Link

Dream It! Dare It! Do It! Podcast with Jasmyne

Wildspire with Stephanie Benedetto


Financial loss and ruin is a driving fear for many people, but what happens if you really do lose it all?

Marlene Cameron knows from experience what this is like. She shares the story of losing almost $1 million through a series of “financial tsunamis” and bad investments. Yet this is a story of HOPE, because on the other side of her worst fear, she’s found peace.

In this vulnerable, hopeful conversation, we talk about imposter syndrome, dealing with risk and finding well-being through the ups and downs of life. It left me with a lovely feeling, and I think it will do the same for you.

Nov 18, 2021

Episode Link

Wildspire Podcast with Stephani Benedetto
Ginspired with Heather E. Wilson

On this episode, I’m excited to welcome Marlene Cameron – Clarity & Confidence Coach, Speaker, Trainer! We chat about her experiences with gin and her Martini Club. She shares some tips on how to have your own Martini Club, we have some laughs and of course, sip Martinis. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 14, October 15, 2021

Episode Link

Ginspired Podcast with Heather E Wilson

Speaking of Speaking with Carl Richardson

I am delighted to be a guest on podcast coach and producer Carl Richards’ show. We explore how feeling like an impostor can impact a speaker’s ability to connect with his or her audience.

Listen now to my story of Imposter Syndrome: The Dangers Of Feeling Like A Fake.

October 5, 2021

Episode Link

Speaking of Speaking Podcast with Carl Richards
Love and BLoved with Lena Cebula

Real people, real stories. We will explore what matters to us the most. Overcoming adversity, success stories on relationships with God, ourselves and others. I am Lena Cebula. I am an author of a spiritual autobiography called “Miraculous”, drug addiction and human trafficking survivor.

Marlene shares her experience of feeling like an impostor and how learning the Three Principles understanding of how the human mind works helped her to finally have the deep clarity and authentic confidence she longed for.

Episode 28, September 27, 2021

Episode Link

Love and BLoved Podcast with Lena Cebula
The Wealth and Wellness Show with Host Kalee Boivert

Kalee’s podcast serves to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment, and create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation.

My topic is Achieving Clarity in Your Life where I speak to the Four Stages of Clarity and how to have optimal clarity in order to realize your professional and personal goals with greater ease and freedom.

Episode 48, July 22, 2021

Episode Link

Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert