One Thought Can Change Everything

Oct 2021

One of the aspects that inspires me about the Three Principles understanding is the fact that one thought can change everything.  Founder Sydney Banks reiterated this many times during his 36 years teaching the Principles throughout the world.   The ‘one thought’ can come as an insight, a revelation or a deeper understanding.  Regardless, the fresh idea can literally rock your world in profoundly life-changing ways.

During a recent Three Principles group discussion, a participant experienced such an insight.  We were having a conversation about how it’s possible to see ourselves or a situation in an entirely new way through an instantaneous inner knowing that seems to come from ‘out of the blue’.  

With a sense of awe and humility, she stated: “Maybe I am okay after all”.  We all understood what had happened.  She was able to ‘know’ in that moment when conditioned thinking, brainwashing, habitual ‘not good enough’ scripts, self-recriminating thoughts and feelings of lack and scarcity were instantly over-written with a single new thought “I’m okay”.

True insight always comes with a sense of relief, peace and hopefulness, without a need to make a choice.   You don’t decide if the thought is correct or not, it just ‘is’.  Once you ‘know’ something, you cannot go back to not knowing and your life is forever changed.   This new ‘one thought’ understanding arrives with a profound experience of well-being and you begin to live life from this new place.   

You have limitless capacity for greater clarity, spontaneous change and higher levels of consciousness.  You will have many ‘one thoughts’ in your lifetime and begin to experience life in ways you did not know were possible.   It is your true nature, your birthright and your pathway to new-found peace and freedom.


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