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Service meter
Jun 2024
In conversation with a very successful coach who focuses on being in service to others, I had an insight into what being of service entails. She works part-time, cares for her young children, and has the capacity and energy to provide complimentary coaching sessions over and above her paying clients.

To do this, she must be of service to herself. For her, this means charging top fees to a few select clients. The financial support enables her to be in service to her fullest capacity. She is not stressing about money; she hires capable and reliable people to support her, and takes time to serve her own health and well-being.

How many people do you know who are run ragged by overextending themselves, not asking for help or putting up with unreliable service, and don’t take time to fully care for themselves? I came to see that wealth and well-being are not about ‘how to effort more to make more money’ but about attaining a level of consciousness where just makes sense to get help to create more time and money with ease.

I have a computer guy who is likely under-charging but he is also inconsistent, does not follow through with promises and is always in ‘frantic’ mode. This has resulted in a loss of productivity in my own business moving into a new laptop. I realized for me to be of service to others, I need individuals who can be of service to me and support me in getting tasks done promptly. This is not so much about what I think I can afford to pay others.  It is about what I need to be truly effective in my business.

I recall a colleague with a very successful consulting business saying “I like service”. I now see that she looked to others to support her in performing at her best. It has nothing to do with deserving or affording the needed support, and everything to do with a level of commitment to being of exceptional service to others.


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