On Becoming a Great Receiver

Jul 2017

On Becoming a Great Receiver

Jul 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

A few weeks ago I was inspired to spend three full days reading and doing all the exercises in Margaret Lynch’s book, Tapping into Wealth. Margaret integrates EFT scripts as a way to uncover and break through blocks to money. I sat in my living room with her book, a notebook and box of tissues and did all the assignments and tapping protocols. I had many ah ha’s and breakthroughs regarding my relationship with money. In the chapter, Becoming a Great Receiver, Margaret writes: ”When it comes to setting a big wealth goal, there are two side to the equation. First is the working or ‘doing’ part which most of us are extremely good at. The second part, receiving, including the rewards of your hard work in the forms of money, recognition and life ease, we are not so good at.”

Why aren’t we good receivers? You may have decided early in life that you can’t depend on others to meet your needs, especially emotional needs, and learned to rely on yourself. I spent three and a half weeks in hospital for major surgery when I was around 7 years old. At that time, visitors were not allowed. I recall that my parents came a couple of times but, siblings, grandparents, relatives or friends were strictly forbidden. I felt very alone and most likely made the decision then that I needed to take care of myself.

If you have made a vow “not to be needy”, this conflicts with your capacity to receive praise and attention for achievements (all traits of Impostor Syndrome by the way). This unconscious decision can have you believing you can do it all yourself or “I don’t need the credit” meaning you are doing it for the accomplishment itself, not for reward. You end up doing too much for too little financial return which can lead to burn-out, discouragement, even resentment. Money, don’t forget, is what brings ease in our lives and funds the resources, experiences and personal down-time that make our lives joyful and satisfying.

I can already see the benefits of doing Margaret’s book for myself. People and opportunities are already starting to appear and I am anticipating even more good in the near future. I plan to create a program to take others through it too. Interested?


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