Moving from an Age of Information to One of Intuition

Jan 2022

In her book, Transparency, best-selling author Penny Peirce, writes: “My intuition tells me that intuition is going to be the skill of the future.  To create the future and enter into it gracefully, we must be able to know directly, now, without distortion.”

For years, many believed that intuition was a ‘woman’s prerogative’, something ‘woo woo’ and even something that cannot be trusted.  The intuition that Penny is referring to represents a new understanding that everyone is connected to the infinite intelligence behind life.  This transcendent intelligence is the source of all insights, fresh ideas and creative solutions – not your brain.  When we recognize our essential nature, we understand that we are constantly informed, guided and protected by the wisdom behind all creation that knows how to operate everything.

The ‘distortion’ Penny speaks of is our personal egoic thoughts.  Thinking that has been contaminated by conditioning, education or training that masks our deeper knowing.  Distortion also comes from ‘experts’ with different, often conflicting opinions on an issue.  How does one know who to follow, trust or take advice from?  Their solutions may come from their own slanted thinking, not from higher-source intelligence.  What works for them, may not work for you.

It’s time for you to look within to your inner guidance.  Your direct knowing is not an extension of your personal thinking, it comes from universal intelligence which you are an expression of.  How do you know intuition is ‘true’?  It comes with a feeling of peace and well-being and often leads to an effortless decision.  You just ‘know’ it’s right for you.

Intuition or direct knowing can arise during times of crisis or calm.  A moment of exceptional clarity when your personal thoughts are interrupted long enough to allow insight to emerge.  Times when you were taken off guard or you ‘gave up’ trying to figure something out.   Your guiding intuition is already within you.  Welcome it.


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