More on Becoming a Great Receiver

Aug 2017

More on Becoming a Great Receiver

Aug 3, 2017 | Uncategorized

I had an interesting experience on the weekend that had me wondering if opening to receiving is just not about opportunity, money and wealth. What if it was also about ease, joy and satisfaction? Here’s why.

I love to golf and often play with a group on Sunday mornings at various courses. This time, we were at the Shaganappi Valley 9. I started out shooting a birdie on the first hole (a score of 3 on a par 4). I chipped my ball into the hole from the fairway and continued to play significantly better than I ever have before. I scored 39 on the par 32 course, just 6 stokes over par. The best I have ever played. I felt relaxed and “quietly” confident during the entire round.
Because the subconscious mind has such a significant influence in our actions and results and golf is essentially a “mind game”, perhaps I was more open to fully realizing the skill I actually have in golf, a game I have played for many years with mixed success. Perhaps my “golf score floor” moved in the process of shifting my relationship with money.

If we open up to more abundance, are we also opening to more good including happiness, fulfillment and fun? I have seen this before with my clients. I call them “beneficial” side effects. When we heal or resolve some issue, other areas of our life can improve too.

I continue to be amazed at the power of Emotional Freedom Technique and its role in freeing us from our limitations and opening us more fully to life.

I will keep you informed of further findings and on my upcoming program.

To Your Freedom!


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