Lunch and Learn Series


Marlene Cameron provides Lunch and Learn series in Calgary

What is Lunch & Learn?

Our Lunch and Learn series will show you how to overcome self-doubt, be confidently unshakeable, override blocks to money and sell yourself in 30 seconds or less.

You will have a chance to connect with like-minded individuals looking to fast-tract their success too. We would love to have you join us.

Lunch and Learn will resume in the Fall.

Series One

How to Overcome Self-Doubt–

Even smart, highly-accomplished people can doubt themselves and secretly feel like impostors. Learn to cultivate bullet-proof confidence and belief in yourself, your capabilities and your value.

Be Unshakeable–

Discover how to override your fears, remain in control, and stand in your personal power with challenging people and situations.

Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds or Less –

Introducing yourself in a compelling, memorable way is key to attracting ideal referrals and high-value clients.

Break Through Barriers to Money & Success–

Find out how to uncover, and clear, inner thoughts and emotions that block you from the money and financial freedom you deserve.

The biggest take-away from me was learning what’s behind the curtain. What holds us back. Collette Forer

Series Two

Put Your Intuition to Work–

Learn how to put your intuition to work to make better-informed decisions and achieve great results even beyond your expectation.

What’s Your Attraction Factor?

What makes you and your business unique can create a compelling attraction factor when you translate attributes and life experiences into benefits of value to prospective clients.

Five Steps to an Elegant Sales Conversation –

Follow these steps for gracefully converting prospects into clients and helping them achieve what they want and more.

The Power of Your Personal Story–

Use your personal story to amplify your memorability, likability and credibility in the minds of your prospects, colleagues and clients.


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