Do You Feel Loved by Businesses You Buy From?

Feb 2024

I was ready to make the big leap and join an online dating platform to meet a wonderful man to share my life with.  I completed my profile, uploaded my photos and selected my criteria.  I hesitated for a few days and then came the offer of a discounted membership.  That was the sign, now is the time.

I picked a membership level at the new price, however, the confirmation page indicated a different category.  As there is no way to contact the company – no email, no phone, no live chat and I did not receive a confirmation email, I called my bank.  The recommendation was to lock my credit card until things were confirmed.  

I discovered that the only way to contact the company was to submit an email to cancel the automatic renewal of my membership.   I wrote with the details of the situation and the reason for withholding payment and received a boilerplate form letter back.  It stated that I had ‘violated the Terms and Conditions of Service’ and was therefore ‘restricted’.   No recognition of a software glitch on their part.

I sat with this for a few days and then composed the response above.   I wondered how many others don’t feel ‘loved’ by the organizations they purchase services from.  How many employees don’t feel loved by their employers? How many caregivers and volunteers don’t feel loved by the individuals and organizations they support?

I suspect there are more loving than loveless relationships in business.  Let me know if you are receiving love from the organizations you buy from, work for or support.


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