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Finding focus and flow
for better results on and off the golf course

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Have you ever found yourself playing ‘in the zone’ where everything felt effortless?  Perhaps a single drive, a few holes, or even an entire round? You felt completely at ease, trusted your shots and scored considerably better than you normally do?  No rushing, no pressure, no overthinking your shot, just a calm confidence.

A new understanding of how the mind works and how we experience reality sheds light on your capacity for effortless ease.  The Three Principles understanding reveals how your state of mind fluctuates and it’s impact on mental clarity and your ability to perform well, even under pressure. The mind works only in one way, powered by three foundational elements, that allow you more authority than you might realize to direct your focus and energy.

Find out how you can experience more ease, elevate your performance and find more enjoyment on the golf course and in your work, relationships and life.

Better Performance on the Golf Course and in Your Business

Once you have learned the fundamentals, golf is primarily a mental game, as is navigating your business. In golf, how you show up and respond to challenges and opportunities is reflected in your score. In business, your state of mind is the determining factor in your effectiveness as a leader, your team’s performance and your bottom line.


The Small Group Executive Course 

Play around this virtual 9-hole ‘Executive Course’ designed to reveal the path to unlocking your mindset and advancing into new levels of performance. Discover your innate capacity for greater clarity, high-value decisions and confident execution, and how to
have it all feel effortless, like a great golf shot.

Each ‘hole’ represents an element of elevated performance and ease including:

  1. Your mental engineering
  2. Your authentic swing
  3. Playing in the ‘zone’
  4. Your inner pace of play
  5. Mental traps and hazards
  6. Creative approaches
  7. Risk-taking and resilience
  8. Keeping score
  9. Team play

Course dates TBA

Personal Performance Coaching

Learn and play at your own pace with either of these coaching programs:

7 sessions over three months – $2000* 

15 sessions over six months – $4000*

*plus GST

You are welcome to ‘buddy up’ and have two colleagues join you in this program.  There is an added benefit to learning from other’s insights into the power of your mind to enhance your skill level and perform at your peak.

Share this knowledge with your students to give you an edge as a golf professional and teacher and for them, greater success and satisfaction in their game.


Next ‘course date’ May 2024

Details to come

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