Leadership by Design Course

Awaken to Your Wise, Powerful and Authentic Self

8 Week Course Starting October 25th

Pre-course Introductory Session October 18th

Is This You?

  • You can feel insecure, avoid situations and hesitate to do what you know is required
  • You can think you are in competition with others, needing to prove yourself
  • You can feel like an impostor and question your capabilities, seeing others as better or more accomplished than you
  • You wonder if you can trust yourself to make the  best decisions for your work and your life
  • You feel overly responsible for others, holding back in order to protect them
  • You can find it difficult to speak truthfully and have crucial conversations with certain people

Who Truly Are is All You Need to Be

You may be called into leadership in your own business, or within an organization or company.

Leadership also means taking charge of your own life circumstances and applying the necessary discipline, effort and innovation to get things moving forward for yourself.

It can also be reflected in how you react or respond when faced with what you see as a challenge or crisis, deal with someone who is struggling or disagreeable or how you handle your own emotional triggers.

You also demonstrate leadership when you are willing to speak up when others are silent, question the status quo, including your own, or step away from a situation that no longer serves you without blame?

Regardless, who you are being in any situation has the greatest bearing on your capacity to inspire, influence and create a meaningful and positive impact with clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Align with your Perfectly Designed and Guided Self

What’s Possible for You

The foundation of this course is the Three Principles understanding of your innate psychological well-being and capacity to be guided by universal intelligence. Discover how you have been engineered to lead your life with clarity, wisdom and grace and:

  • Come into your own as a natural leader and feel ‘at home’ in yourself 
  • Release the weight of obligation and being overly responsible for others
  • Feel more calm, confident and connected to people in your work and life
  • Overcome impostor syndrome and bring out the best in yourself and others
  • Move through life with less stress and effort and more enjoyment, ease and flow
  • See ‘behind the curtain’ of how life works and who you truly are



Eight weeks beginning October 25 to December 13, 2023
8:30 to 10:00 AM MDT (changes to MST November 8th)

All sessions are over Zoom and will be recorded.

You are welcome to call 403 209-2142 or email me anytime marlene@marlenecameron.com with your questions.


You are welcome to join a pre-course introductory session on Wednesday, October 18th at 8:30 am MDT

Register through Zoom to attend.


8-Week Course with Recordings:
$600 CDN + GST | $475 USD (use PayPal buttons below)

$600 CDN + GST

$475 USD

* With two private coaching sessions: $750 CDN + GST / $600 USD
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