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How to Overcome the 5 Fears
That Sabotage the Success
of Professional Women

Are any of these true for you?
  • Others see me as accomplished but I don’t feel that way inside
  • I am hesitant to speak up and draw attention to myself
  • I waste time doubting, procrastinating and perfecting
  • I find networking uncomfortable and exhausting
  • I fear being found out as an impostor

What if you had the calm, clarity and courage to step up, be seen, be the credible and trustworthy influencer you are already capable of being and create the impact and income you desire and deserve?

Imagine Yourself Saying:

  • I feel I can be authentically me as a leader
  • I can push past my doubts, speak up and take action
  • I am totally comfortable asking for resources and money
  • I can be fully present and relaxed speaking in front of people
  • I can manage my fears and emotions with greater self-assurance

Working with Marlene is like having a combination of a sports psychologist and high-performance coach.  She has both the personal development expertise and business acumen to help entrepreneurs hone their vision and open the way for the leader to achieve real bottom-line results.

Get Started Now to Feeling more Powerfully Present by Downloading my Free E-book – 

“How to Overcome the 5 Fears That Sabotage the Success of Professional Women”

Ready to Move into Full Alignment with your True Self and your Potential? Ready to become Unshakeable?

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Marlene Cameron confidence coach in Calgary Alberta
Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, CPC, is an award-winning business/executive coach and expert in the areas of emotional intelligence and energy psychology. In spite of her own considerable academic, career and business accomplishments, she struggled to see herself as deserving of her success.

Through her own journey to new-found self-appreciation and self-worth, she created the Simply Unshakeable program to support professional women in owning their greatness, being authentic and inspiring leaders and capitalizing on their talents, gifts and hard work.


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