Feel Like an Impostor?

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Find how Why:
Why you don’t feel good enough
in spite of all your training, credentials and expertise?

Why you worry about what others think, especially that you will be “found out”.

Why you feel like a fraud needing to present a more confident persona than you feel on the inside.

Marlene Cameron Imposter syndrome coaching

This quiz will help you gain insight into what is “running in the background,” fueling your fears and insecurities.

You will finally be able to end the self-doubt and self-sabotaging when you understand what’s behind it.

Know too, that you are not alone.  Many high achievers experience impostor feelings at different times in their careers, especially during times of transition, promotion and setting out as an entrepreneur.

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After you take the quiz, schedule a 30-minute call with Marlene to go over your scores and begin to truly understand how you can get past insecurities and feel more authentically confident and capable.

Marlene Cameron, business coach

 Marlene Cameron has devoted her life to continuous learning.

Having excelled at running her own 6 figure interior design consulting firm, she went on to hold prominent positions at major corporations, achieving, along the way, a Bachelor of Interior Design, a CFA designation, and an MBA in Finance.

Ultimately, earning her executive coaching accreditation and adding Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) to her repertoire, she began guiding entrepreneurs to effectively grow their business holistically from the inside out.

Marlene brings to the table an eclectic mix of expertise, including profound insights that she gained on her own personal journey inward.

Unresolved emotional issues can make us feel like a fraud, holding us back from accomplishing our goals. Marlene backs up her practical, proven action plans with EFT practices designed to expedite breakthroughs to higher levels of clarity and confidence.

Working with Marlene, you WILL tap into your limitless source of personal power.


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