Creative Insights Incubator 


This is for you if you want to–

  • Feel more self-assured and confident
  • Align with your natural confidence and well-being
  • Expand your creative capacity to manage complexity and change
  • Recognize and trust your intuition to be more directive and decisive
  • Discover how to move past discouragement and difficulty
  • Be more effortlessly productive and profitable

Harness Your Wisdom and Well-being

Who the program is for–

Interior designers ready to leave the stress and pressure behind and connect with their inner wise, intuitive and innately creative selves.

What it offers–

It is a way to awaken within you what you already possess and know deep inside you. You will learn the spiritual and psychological principles behind the inner power of your mind as well as your capacity to be and create beyond what you thought possible.

While steps, skills and strategies are useful, they are not as powerful as your own insights into knowing the deeper truth of who you are and being authentically and powerfully you.

What insiders know–

All self-assured and successful people understand they possess inner knowing beyond their personal intellect. They have learned to look to and rely on insight and innate wisdom to inform and inspire their lives and work.

What the program covers–

Interactive conversations on these topics and others you may like to explore

  • Bringing balance to your life and work
  • Working with more effortless and creative ease
  • Recognizing and outsmarting Impostor Syndrome
  • How to deal with challenging issues and people
  • Bringing out the best in yourself and others

Laser coaching to help you see something with new eyes in order to move beyond an obstacle or take advantage of an opportunity.


Monthly meetings beginning in September 2023, running through to March 2024

Group size limited to six participants

Two options are available–
either in person (in Calgary), or over Zoom

Meetings: TBA – either Wednesday or Friday mornings 9:00 – 10:30 am


Six-month individual membership:
Introductory price $997 or six-monthly payments of $175

Full-pay bonus: 30-minute private coaching session.

*GST added to all fees.
*Discount available for business partners

Marlene Cameron Coach

Over the course of multiple careers as a business owner, I spent tens
of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on courses. I was
looking for answers but discovered what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. We don’t always resonate with another’s approach and can lose our own way in the process.

Then I learned of a revolutionary new understanding of the power of the mind. I realized that we all know intuitively what is best for us.

When you rediscover this invisible power within, it never leaves you.

If you are curious about whether this is a good fit for you, I would be delighted to have a conversation so that you can decide for yourself if this program calls to you.