In Search of Clarity

Searching for Clarity
Oct 2020

Considering that many of you indicated you wanted greater clarity, I thought I would share what I have discovered.   I describe Clarity as a defining moment that reveals new possibilities, let’s us know our next step or allows us to see something in a different light.

Like me, you may have tried to find clarity through lots of thinking, analyzing data or ranking options   You may have tried comparison charts, asking other’s opinions, doing more research, or even using ‘muscle testing’ to come up with an answer or direction.  I found these approaches could be helpful but sometimes I wanted a deeper knowing.  What I secretly hoped for was a lightening bolt revelation, an ‘ah ha’ moment, or being gobsmacked with insight.   It mostly did not happen, especially when I was trying so hard.

It occurred to me that perhaps the way to get clear is by not thinking.  In fact, many wise people promote this approach.   Sydney Banks, Canadian mystic and philosopher wrote “The one thought you seek is a state of no thought”.  I have discovered this to be true and regularly put myself in a place of letting my mind relax and meander.

Someone has placed plastic chairs at a spot along the river close to my home and most days I go and sit there. I let whatever I am trying to figure out go while I appreciate the beauty, admire the scenery watch the sparkling water flow by.  I have been delighted that ‘fresh’ thoughts pop into my head regarding how I might approach something, who to call, or what to do next.  I come away feeling renewed and purposeful, all from essentially doing no thing.

Try a ‘no trying’ and let me now what you discovered.  Those of you seeking clarity might just find it when you least expect it – while taking your mind off of what you are trying to sort out.

If you would like a complimentary 15 minute CLARITY CONVERNATION, use this LINK to schedule a call.  I would be delighted to assist you in discovering greater insight and perspective.


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