Feel Like an Impostor?

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Why you can feel good enough in spite of all your training, credentials and expertise.

Why you worry about what others think, especially that you will be “found out”.

Why you feel like a fake needing to appear more confident than you feel inside.

Why you have to work so hard, making sure you don’t make mistakes.

Why you compare yourself to others and feel like you don’t measure up.

Marlene Cameron Imposter syndrome coaching

This quiz will help you gain insight into what is “running in the background,” fueling your fears and self-doubt.

Know too, that you are not alone.  Many high achievers experience impostor feelings at different times in their careers, especially during times of transition, promotion and setting out as an entrepreneur.

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I want to discover what is in my way.

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Marlene Cameron, business coach

Marlene has devoted her life to continuous learning.

Following earning a Bachelor of Interior Design and building a successful six-figure commercial design consulting firm, she went on to achieve an MBA and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

She became an executive with her clients receiving awards for “business success achieved through coaching“.  She was drawn to the field of energy psychology and helped hundreds of people find relief from fears, anxiety, stress and go on to enjoy greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

Throughout her multiple careers, she experienced debilitating impostor feelings, accompanied by self-doubt, procrastination and fearing she did to measure up to other’s impressions of her.

On the path to finding her own well-being, Marlene was introduced to a revolutionary understanding of our true essence and the remarkable power of the mind.  She found the missing peace in her understanding of our true nature and capacity for clarity, confidence and well-being which she now shares with others.