If I Am So Talented and Capable, Why Don’t I Feel That Way?

Woman Wrapped in Self Doubt
May 2020

5 Signs That You May Be Experiencing Impostor Syndrome

You know how it is, people are always telling you how accomplished and successful you are.  You listen but you don’t really believe them.   Even though you are seen as a high-achiever, you worry that they will discover the ‘truth’- that you are not what they perceive you to be – you are actually not that good. If I am so talented and capable, why don’t I feel that way?

Here are 5 signs that you may be experiencing what is called Impostor Syndrome

Essentially an inability to recognize and internalize your achievements and success both personal and professional.  Essentially what you did achieve is ‘no big deal’.

  1. You feel anxious, A LOT.   You worry that your performance is not up to par and that the work you produce is less than stellar. You may be nervous enough that you don’t get projects launched, or done – the proverbial perfection and procrastination loop.  You might be tempted to ask your doctor for anti-anxiety or depression medication or ‘take the edge off’ at the end of the day with food, wine or retail therapy.
  2. You believe that your accomplishments and position is really more about luck, a fluke, you worked extra hard or that someone liked you enough to give you a chance, not really about your talents and proven capabilities.  You may believe that even though you were successful once, that success is not repeatable.
  3. You find being you exhausting.   Attending meetings, gatherings and networking requires a lot of energy from you to appear poised, self-assured and capable, while you are secretly attempting to mask your insecurity. You may feel unauthentic and find it difficult to listen to be present to others.  After an event, you feel drained and discouraged you were not able to make the connections you had hoped for.
  4. You frequently compare yourself to others – their accomplishments, their success, their looks, and often fall short.    You work diligently to ‘catch up’ to those who appear to have more confidence, talent and trust in themselves but you never seem to quite measure up.
  5. You feel you don’t belong – in your position, management level or peer group.  You feel like an imitator, an outsider who really does not fit in and hope you won’t be discovered as having given the impression that you belong and on par with the level of expertise of the group.

Does this sound like you? If I am so talented and capable, why don’t I feel that way?

While none of these self-defeating and self-demeaning ideas and beliefs are true, they feel real because every thought we think produces chemicals in the brain that charge our bodies with what scientist Candace Pert named “molecules of emotion”   Thoughts feel real because we experience the fear, worry, confusion and the many uncomfortable feelings and physical sensations in our bodies.   The body does not have the capacity to discern if an idea is true or not, it just feels whatever we think.  

A second complicating factor is that has humans, we tend to fall into patterns of thinking, even when those patterns produce stress, low moods and fear.  These patterns can lead to quiet desperation as talking about how we feel does not change how we feel.  There is a way through however, it is possible for you can shift your perspective and almost immediately begin to feel more authentic and naturally confident.

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You can also read more about this topic on the blog: https://marlenecameron.com/self-doubt-the-selfish-saboteur/


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