How Intuition Saved Me $5500

Apr 2019

A colleague referred me to a branding workshop that she could not attend, and would I go in her place? Sure. At the end of the day-long event, which I got a lot of value from, the offer came to work with the presenter to have him create my clear, compelling personal brand – in just one weekend at his luxury home in Florida.

The very thing I have been struggling with! At last, I would be released from my suffering and finally have “it”! When asked to provide my credit card to pay the fee my body recoiled. I literally wanted to run out of the building.  Something inside had signaled a big ‘No’.

Rattled, I called a friend long-distance who I look to for wise counsel. Her intuition confirmed my intuition, it was not the right fit for me right now.  During our conversation relief and calm came over me.  I went back into the room and thanked the presenter for the offer, however I would not be registering.  I knew I already had what I needed.

Are you using your intuition to guide you in making important decisions?  Hopefully so.  If you want to discover how to, or want to up-level the power of your body/mind intelligence, you first need to be willing to feel into your body. If you are an “in my head” type of person, you might miss out on this valuable feedback system.


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