Getting Clear in the New Year

Woman in Paper Boar
Jan 2024

Where are you headed in 2024?  Growing your business, up-leveling your career, working a four-day week, taking an extended vacation, transitioning from job to consulting?   Once you decide, without making it conditional on anything, you can sit back and notice what shows up to support you along the way.

Here are some ‘ground rules’:

The intention, goal or thing you want to create should not be:

  • A way to prove yourself to yourself or to others
  • A way to feel more secure, happy or fulfilled
  • A way to ‘fix’, improve yourself or be more loveable
  • Something you or others think you should do/want
  • Something you think you need to be ‘okay’, respected or successful

The direction you want to go works best when:

  • It fits with the initial idea,  ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if….”
  • You feel excited about it even though you have no clue how to get there
  • You are eager to move forward knowing ‘all will be revealed’ as you go along
  • You don’t need anyone’s approval for you to ‘go there’, or “create that’, nor do you need their advice
  • You can be okay whether you achieve it or not, something even cooler may show up instead

Take some time to play with where you want to go and let your imagination and intuition point you in that direction.


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