Genius, New Thoughts and Light Bulb Moments

Jan 2019

In a video recording on Separate Realities, Chip Chipman, co-founder of The Three Principles School states: 

“I used to think that genius was the speed of the computer (the brain) and storage capacity (the mind).  It’s not.  True genius is new thought.  Everybody has the capacity for genius in that sense.  It is possible to get quiet enough to have new thought.”

He goes on to say “As we get quieter, we begin to experience a deeper dimension of thought.  Thought that is not coming from the past, not coming from conditioning, not coming from beliefs.  We have thoughts that are brand new. When you have new thoughts, it’s telling you that you are moving in the right direction.”

How do we apply this concept of new thought, especially when we are feeling pressured to make a decision, come up with a solution or choose a direction?   Letting go of the immediate need to know, decide or act, going to that quite place and trusting that the answer will arise is all that is required.   We sometimes refer to this as a ‘lightbulb moment’.

It is possible to access your genius in a way that takes less work, not more and minimize the energy required to research, analyse or calculate. You can use your own innate wisdom to inspire and guide you.


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