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Looking to work and lead with greater confidence, ease and grace?

Perhaps you have read several self-help books, attended personal-growth programs, or even gone to counseling and you still wonder why your confidence wavers, why you find it challenging to trust your decisions or why you are struggling with certain relationships in your life and work.

Most books and programmes don’t teach you who you really are. They don’t point you to your true nature, direct you toward your own innate wisdom or remind you of your inherent mental and emotional well-being.

It’s not that they were keeping these things from you, they just did not know. Now we do and this new understanding of our spiritual/psychological nature is the key to your capacity to work in creative flow states with less effort and stress, overcome setbacks and resolve problems with ease and feel more connected to people, your work and your life.

Marlene Cameron coach

Webinar Calendar

Join us on the Second Wednesday of Each Month at Noon MDT for these live, one-hour Zoom webinars.

Come ready to participate in the conversation, ideally with your camera and microphone on.

Transformation arises through personal insights, not information.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Noon-1:00 PM MDT

Impostor Syndrome:  The Silent Saboteur
Its Meaning, Its Impact and a Way Through It

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