Destination Executive Retreats

Extraordinary Clarity – Exponential Results

Where will your next 6, 7 or 8-figure revenue expansion ideas come from?

Research shows that only 16 percent of creative insight happens while you are at work. Ideas generally come while away from the office, in transit or during a recreational activity. You need time and space and most important, relaxation and recovery to allow ideas and solutions to ferment and form.

These off-site executive retreats are the opportunity to step away from the business and busyness, and rather than work ‘on the business,’ open your mind to possibilities and opportunities you may have thought were impossible but are actually the very results you were looking for.

Over the three days

  • Discover the opportunity to set aside what has already been identified, analyzed, compared and assessed to ‘out of the box’ exploration of truly original thinking.
  • Drop into a place of not knowing where fresh insight and new ideas can emerge unrestricted by your personal mind’s tendency to want to stay with the status quo.
  • Tap into your creative potential and get out of your way long enough for deeper creative forces to come through
  • Learn how the concept of 10x leads to bigger results, even when you don’t know how they will happen
  • Come away renewed, refreshed and re-inspired with the ideas and energy to take your ideas into the world

Retreats are available on an individual basis for the CEO and key executive or for small groups who are looking to resolve problems in the way of being more creative, productive and profitable.

In a world of increasing chaos, uncertainty and complexity you have the capacity for greater clarity, insight and creativity that is already within you. You just need a space for it to unfold.

What’s included:

  • Three-day one-on-one coaching intensive
  • Welcome dinner, 3 catered lunches
  • Three-month Mastermind membership
  • All course materials

Travel, accommodations and meals on your own are not included.

“Marlene’s three-day intensive program and introduction to the Three Principles was what I had been searching for. I was looking for the key that would have me feel fulfilled, experiencing life fully and living on purpose. I came away with breakthrough insights, renewed enthusiasm and clarity regarding how I will move forward in life and my business. My search for the missing piece of the puzzle is over.”

Nancy Hughes, Artist, Teacher, Consultant
Hughes Fine Art

“After the weekend retreat, I am calmer and able to handle stressors much better. Things in my business environment haven’t changed but my ability to cope with them has. I am aware that I now feel deep appreciation for my team. I can appreciate different aspects of them and take pride in their accomplishments. I am much more present with my employees and my conversations are more meaningful and effective. We are going into our busiest season, however, I don’t feel the panic I have felt in the past. I am more productive and can make decisions quickly with a clear mind.”

Debbie Zelez, Owner and CEO
High Tails Pet Resort


Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is a vibrant city, just a ‘stone’s throw’ away from the Rocky Mountains – a year-round playground for recreation and relaxation. Calgary is my home town and I live on the Bow River. Your three-day retreat includes walks along the river for reflection and integration of a revolutionary understanding of how your mind works that will leave you with the realization that stress and overwhelm need not be part of your experience as a business owner or corporate leader. With less stress, you have greater clarity, deeper insight and more creative ideas to support you in building your business with ease.

Contact me for Calgary Retreat Dates

October 2022 – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city that while steeped in history, demonstrates the resilience and vitality to reinvent itself, even after catastrophic upheavals and disasters.  It’s unique setting and culture provide an opportunity to step away from your normal work/life routine and walk the streets of the French Quarter or stroll along the levy beside the celebrated Mississippi River to gain new clarity, perspective and purpose.

October 2022
Hotel Provincial, French Quarter

November 2022 – Banff, Alberta

The beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains offer an opportunity to experience the peace and vastness of the wilderness and explore your own limitless creative thinking.   Walk along the amazingly blue-green Bow River, trek the streets of the magical town of Banff or relax in the natural hot-spring pools of Sulphur Mountain for renewed energy and insight into the experiences you want to create going forward.

November 2022
Royal Canadian Lodge, Banff Avenue

March 2022 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta offers the allure of the mountains, rivers and beaches and beautifully warm and sunny weather.  The atmosphere encourages relaxation, rejuvenation and a retreat from a busy mind.  Stroll the legendary Malecon along the Pacific Ocean and explore new states of presence and inner peace.

May 2022 – Kelowna, British Columbia

A picturesque mountain setting and beautiful blue lake set the stage for settling into a more peaceful state, deeper appreciation for the majesty of life and greater clarity with your desires for your life and business.  Whether your Zen place is on the hiking trails, on the golf course or on the water, spend time after your executive retreat to deepen your connection with what matters in your life.

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