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I offer private EFT sessions to those looking for relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, stress-related health issues and pain. It has been proven to be remarkably effective in treatment of PTSD, fears and phobias, cravings and addictions, prolonged negative thinking and for lasting weight loss. Emotional relief is immediate and lasting, even with distressing events that happened years ago.

If you have tried conventional counselling or coaching and not achieved the results you had hoped for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) may be the breakthrough technology that you have been looking for. The results that professionally applied EFT affords are truly remarkable and often life-changing.


If you have used EFT on yourself, or participated in a group tapping session and not gotten the results you were expecting, here are three reasons why private sessions are so much more effective and will deliver real results quickly.

Tapping alone or along in a group or using general words accounts for 20-30% of EFT’s power to heal, release and transform. The other 70-80% comes from the skill and resourcefulness of an expert practitioner. Long term problems that have not healed or been resolved in years, even with traditional counselling, can be rapidly released, sometimes in just one session, and the results are lasting.

Group tapping sessions or doing EFT on yourself will likely not be specific enough to achieve terrific results.

Tapping on the general issue – let’s say anxiety or a fear– will likely not provide much relief.

It is necessary to drill down and clear the root causes to the anxiety or fear, specific to only you.

Even though it might be relatively easy to identify the problem, the underlying aspects rarely are.

It takes a lot of skill to unravel all the “pieces of the puzzle” and get to the core of the problem.

This is almost impossible to do yourself since you may miss or dismiss an important piece that would finally release you from the emotion, physical pain, addiction or habit.

Private sessions provide additional intuition, insight and safety to drill down and deal with the problem.

You get the added advantage of a compassionate, non-judgmental outside perspective since we can rarely see all sides of ourselves.

Plus, we tend to shy away from distressing situations and may not be able to go exactly where you need to go to uncover and heal the underlying issue.

What my clients have to say

“I was able to resolve more in just a few EFT sessions than I did in years of therapy”.

“I had been experiencing significant pain and spent considerable time and money to resolve over 8 months to no avail.  The pain was gone in one session and did not return”.

“I was terrified of spiders.  Even thinking of them had me feeling faint to the point of passing out.  With just one EFT, session my level of fear went from a 20 to a 2.”

“I had a pain in my neck for over 30 years that was released in a single EFT session. In the session I discovered the distressing emotional experience related to the pain that had kept it in place all those years.”

“I can’t believe something that I have done for 40 years – not a couple – but 40 years – had such a quick change to it.  I went to counselling and did behavioural therapy etc. for years and nothing changed to this degree.”

Marlene Cameron of EFT Tapping Success provides private EFT sessions

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