Doing Without Doing: A Principles Approach to Productivity

Sep 2021

I attended a three-day program this past weekend proposing that we can achieve as much, if not more without ‘really trying’.  The premise, based on the Three Principles, is that we all possess a deep inner knowing connected to the intelligent energy behind life.  This transcendent intelligence knows how to create and operate all of life, including our work and daily activities. This unlimited intelligence or Wisdom always dwarfs the personal data bank of our life experience and education.   It offers us confidence and faith that we have the necessary ideas, insights, solutions when we need them and will take action accordingly.  

Doing Without Doing (DWD) asserts that we can substantially disband with a rigid, intellectual approach to time management, analyzing next steps and micro-planning and look to a deeper sense of ‘knowing’ what to do in each moment.  Guided by insight, intuition, nudges and inspiration to take action, we can relax into a flow state of simply doing what occurs to us next.   If it comes to you to create a simple plan, that too is an aspect of doing without doing.  

DWD takes a lot of pressure off of attempting to meet often unrealistic expectations of what we think we can accomplish in a day or week, comparing our performance against another’s agenda, feeling inadequate because ‘everything did not get done’ or even blaming others for our lack of achievement.  DWD potentially eliminates superfluous activities that you believe you should do or someone instructed you to do and frees up your time and energy to focus on what ‘feels right’ to do.   It provides for a sense of “effortless” achievement, a quieter mind, more focused energy and greater ease and flow.  

Can you imagine yourself in such a state – joyfully, calmly and quietly doing what you feel guided to do and accomplishing more and better than you thought possible?


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