Does Your Personal Culture Support You at Your Best?

Kathy Finnerty-thomas on corporate culture in business
Sep 2016

Does Your Personal Culture Support You at Your Best?

Sep 8, 2016 | Uncategorized

At The Measurable Difference forum last month, (, hosted by Vince Fowler, one of the guest speakers, Kathy Finnerty Thomas, President of Stowebridge Promotion Group, spoke about the corporate culture of her company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

She explained how attention to culture has contributed to the commitment of her team and how that translates into exceptional customer service, raving clients and financial success. She spoke candidly about how the values that everyone in the company participated in defining are honoured, monitored and upheld. Employees are asked to leave if they cannot abide by the values that shape a collective culture of trust, loyalty, mutual support and pride.

Every organization has its own culture based on its vision, mission and values. Core values often include ideals such as respect, honesty, accountability, open to learning and excellence, however other principles can also be included.

In one company she sited, you got ‘bonus points’ on your annual evaluation if you had come up with a new idea and it failed. That organization obviously valued innovation and risk taking. Another business stated ‘family’ as one of its top values, therefore employees were discouraged from working overtime or forgoing vacations. Years ago I read of a software firm in California that recognized the value of pets as connectors and allowed staff to bring their dogs to work (three poops denoted disqualification however).

What about your own personal corporate culture?

You might ask, I have a culture? Yes, you are the leader of 50 trillion cells in your body that are poised to work for you.

  • Have you created a culture that would have those cells go all out for you?
  • Do you acknowledge your talents and undertake work that you love?
  • Do you give yourself credit when you try something new even though it flops?
  • Are you kind and forgiving when you embarrass yourself after having done or said something you regret?
  • Do you challenge yourself to take risks and go beyond your comfort zone?
  • Do you take care of your physical and emotional well being and needs for connection and community?

Our values are key – in defining who we are and the success and fulfillment we create.

In the next instalment, I will take you through a three-step process to help you identify your values and assess the degree to which you are living in integrity with them. When we are in alignment with our values, we come across as believable and confident and we have that that certain attraction factor that has people want to know, be with and work with us.


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